President Obama’s winning formula: election by social-network data analytics

January 18, 2013 Rob Thurston No Comments Blog Activate Networks, James Fowler, Nicholas Christakis, President Obama, Steven Wardell, social network analytics

The power of social networks – real and virtual – was demonstrated yet again in the election of the President we’re inaugurating today. Corporations are now hot to hire the kinds of social-network marketers who designed and delivered President Obama’s successful campaigns for donations and votes, says Bloomberg Businessweek. The-

How to leverage your employee networks to increase productivity

November 23, 2012 Rob Thurston No Comments Blog Activate Networks, ONA network analytics, Rob Cross, Steven Wardell, organizational network analysis, real-world social networks

Increasing employee productivity is always a top goal of management.  While the importance for productivity of seeking and cultivating individual talent is already well-known, management guru Rob Cross and his colleagues explain how you can add still more to your bottom line – by applying new Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) techniques for-

The importance of asking “So what?”

November 19, 2012 Rob Thurston 11 Blog Activate Networks, Nicholas Christakis, Steven Wardell, WIRED

“So what?” is a question Nicholas Christakis always asks about his research and discoveries in the relatively new field of network science. He spoke about the answers to this key question at two WIRED conferences, on opposite shores of the Atlantic, last month. At WIRED 2012, held in London, Christakis-